Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University School of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Julia Gee is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University’s School of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Following a BSc in Physiological Sciences at Newcastle University and a breast cancer-related PhD and postdoctoral positions in University of Wales, Julia moved to the School of Pharmacy and obtained a Breast Cancer Now Senior Research Fellowship. Her group’s experimental and clinical research focuses on therapeutic response and failure in breast cancer, and Julia has 25 years expertise and over 140 publications in the field with special interest in anti-hormone-induced signalling in ER+ breast cancer, novel target discovery and preclinical evaluation of new therapies, signalling and biomarker studies in clinical breast cancers.

She is also a key player in a new MSc in Cancer Biology & Therapeutics in Cardiff University. Julia chair’s Breast Cancer Now’s Tissue Access Committee, is a committee member for several clinical breast cancer trials, and Scientific Programme Committee Chair for the British Breast Group, representing this group on the UK IBCS Executive Committee.

Dr Julia Gee