Abstract Submission

Abstract submission opens

Monday 1st July 2019: 9am

Abstract submission deadline

Tuesday 1st October 2019: midnight



We invite abstracts on all aspects of breast cancer research and treatment and supportive care. Abstracts are welcome from PPI partners.

Abstracts will be selected by the Symposium for presentation at the 2020 UK Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Symposium on 27th-28th January 2020.  Those abstracts judged to be of major interest will be selected for oral presentation; the majority will be selected for poster presentation.

Full information on the format for these presentations will be provided when you are informed of the outcome of your submission. They will also be available for viewing online at the UK IBCS website.

All accepted abstracts, other than those that are withdrawn prior to publication, will be published in the Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Journal.

The UK IBCS reserves the right to change the formatting of those abstracts submitted in upper case or where the abstract title is typed in upper case, to be consistent with the requirements of the Meeting Programme.  It cannot be held responsible for any possible loss of meaning incurred as a result.

Once the abstract deadline has passed, it will not be possible to make alterations to the abstract or list of authors, but abstracts may be withdrawn by the author.

Abstracts will be marked anonymously by the Scientific Committee and the author will receive acceptance/rejection notification week commencing 25th October.



  • The abstract must be in English.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts submitted.
  • There is no limit to the number of authors listed on an abstract.
  • The UK IBCS is happy to accept abstracts which have been presented at other meetings.

Abstract Title

  • No abbreviations may be used in the title (except standard abbreviations like DNA).
  • Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always capitalized such as drug names. Do not capitalize every word.

Authors & Institutions

  • The Presenting/Contact Author is the first author on the abstract.
  • Authors should be listed by complete First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name.
  • Institutions are to be listed by Institution Name, City, and Country (if NOT the UK).
  • For cooperative group trials, it is permissible to give the name of the group rather than the individual institutional affiliations. In this instance, the group name should be listed in the institution field.


  • The abstract should be structured with Introduction, Aims/Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Note: It is not acceptable to state in the abstract that ‘conclusions will be discussed’ without disclosure of those conclusionsThe abstract should describe the research objectives and rationale, as well as specific results.
  • Abbreviations may be used if standard (e.g. DNA) or if spelled out and defined at the first use. Do not use non-standard abbreviations in the title.
  • Abstracts may include tables with a maximum of 6 columns and 6 rows, but not figures.

How to submit your abstract


1. Enter the FULL TITLE of your submission (Maximum 20 words). This will be used for printing in the final programme.

2. Enter the abstract of your work (max 300 words or 250 words if a table is included).

3. Affiliations: Please list the universities or other institutions with which the authors are affiliated.

4. Authors:  You MUST enter the names of ALL authors here – including yourself if you are an author – in the order in which you wish them to appear in the printed text. Names omitted here will NOT be printed in the author index or the final programme.

5. Choose a subject category which best describes your submission from the list below:

  • Pre-clinical new treatments
    • Pre-clinical biological studies
    • Epidemiology & prevention
    • Diagnostics – imaging
    • Diagnostics – pathology
    • Clinical – early disease
    • Clinical – late disease
    • Patient centred care
    • Supportive care
    • Nursing care and research across the patient pathway
    • Translational
    • Biomarkers
    • Trials in progress (NIHR Portfolio trials which are in set-up (funding confirmed) or open to recruitment)

6. Confirm that this submission has been approved by all authors

7. Confirm that at least one author will register in full to attend and present the paper at the Conference

All accepted abstracts will be published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.