Programme at a glance

This year’s programme includes:

Personalised breast radiation therapy – are we there yet?: Professor Philip Poortmans, France
Treatment dependent breast tumour evolution: Professor Matthew Ellis, USA
Successes, disappointments and the future for clinical trials in primary breast cancer: Dr Martine Piccart, Belgium
De-escalating surgery for breast cancer: Dr Monica Morrow, USA
De-escalation of medical adjuvant therapy: Dr Eric Winer, USA
Genetics and breast cancer risk Dr Judy Garber, USA


Highlights of the last year
Basic: Ingunn Holen, UK
Translational: Nick Turner, UK
Primary disease: Andrew Wardley, UK
Advanced disease: David Miles, UK

Demystifying partial breast irradiation
Why and how to do it?: Anna Kirby, UK
Does it work and who should have it?: Charlotte Coles, UK
Is less really less?: Philip Poortmans, France

Big Data in Breast Cancer
Introduction: the current UK landscape: David Dodwell, UK
DCIS in the UK: the Oxford NINBE and Sloane Projects: Gurdeep Mannu, UK
Twenty five year risks of breast cancer mortality in 500,000 women: Carolyn Taylor, UK
Endocrine therapy in the primary care prescription dataset: Kieran Horgan, UK

Why can’t we kill ER+ breast cancer?
Resistance mechanisms to endocrine therapy: Andy Sims, UK
Resistance mechanisms to CDK4/6 inhibition: Ben O’Leary, UK
New prospects for killing ER+ breast cancer cells: Matthew Ellis, UK

Managing the side-effects of endocrine therapy
Managing the sexual impact of endocrine therapy: Isabel White, UK
Hot flushes: Debbie Fenlon, UK
Impact on treatment adherence: Mike Dixon, UK

DCIS – risk estimates and management
Molecular features of DCIS and invasive breast cancer: Elly Sawyer, UK
Addressing overtreatment of screen detected DCIS; the LORIS trial: Matthew Wallis, UK
Breast cancer -related deaths in DCIS: the Dutch experience: Jelle Wesseling, Netherlands

Special issues in managing metastatic disease
Patient specific treatment sequencing in ER+ advanced breast cancer: Stephen Johnston, UK
Whole body MRI in the management of bone metastases: Anwar Padhani, UK
Is treatment of oligometastases curative: Andreas Makris, UK

Phenotypic and genotypic heterogeneity
Genomics of invasive lobular breast cancer: Christine Desmedt, Belgium
Genomic landscape of breast cancer metastasis and relapse: Adrian Lee, USA
Molecular evolution of lymph-node spread in early breast cancer – a surgeon’s interest: Peter Barry, UK

Managing the axilla
Can we completely avoid axillary surgery for some breast cancer patients?: Monica Morrow, USA
UK guidelines for management of the axilla post-NAT: Julie Doughty, UK
Modern role of the radiologist in managing the axilla: Tony Maxwell, UK

Late recurrence in ER+ disease
Late-recurring ER-positive genomic subgroups: Carlos Caldas, UK
Predicting late recurrence, patient, tissue and circulating factors: Nick Turner, UK
Preventing late recurrence: Ian Smith, UK

Improving breast cancer outcomes by modifying lifestyle
Obesity and breast cancer risk: Annie Anderson, UK
Diet before and after a diagnosis of breast cancer outcome: Michelle Harvie, UK
Exercise: Anna Campbell, UK

Novel clinical trial design
Breast cancer trials: Creating designs fit for contemporary questions: Judith Bliss, UK
Can Bayesian adaptive trials be useful in breast cancer? James Wason, UK
Presurgical window studies of novel drugs – what’s the end-point: Adrian Harris, UK

Immune therapy
Treatment response and toxicities in breast cancer: Mark Harries, UK
Diagnostic and prognostic aspects: Roberto Salgado, Belgium
Characterising immune response: Raza Ali, UK

Modelling breast cancer – moving closer to the clinic
Hormones and breast cancer- why models matter: Cathrin Brisken
A new 3D model for breast cancer:
– alternative to xenografts and PDX: Gillian Farnie, UK
The challenges of measuring the response to immunotherapies in vivo: Jonas Nilsson, Sweden

Breast cancer risk and prevention
Recent lessons from the WHI study: Rowan Chlebowski, USA
Chemoprevention of breast cancer – where have we got to? Jack Cuzick
Low-dose tamoxifen for breast cancer prevention: Andrea Decensi, Italy

Prognostic and predictive profiling
PREDICT vs NPI: Paul Pharoah, UK
Can mRNA replace IHC for ER?: Adrian Lee, USA
Ki67 – will it ever make it? A report of 10 years’ work from the International Ki67 in Breast Cancer Working Group:
Mitch Dowsett, UK

Special issues for elderly patients
General presentation: KL Cheung, UK
Bridging the Age Gap: Lynda Wyld, UK
Dementia and decision making: Jasmin Jauhari, UK

Minimizing mastectomy
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Sibylle Loibl, Germany
Breast conserving surgery for multifocal tumours: Mike Dixon, UK
Oncoplastic surgery: Katy Hogben, UK

Special issues in managing young patients
Choosing endocrine treatment: Dan Rea, UK
Managing fertility in breast cancer: Melanie Davies, UK
Pregnancy after breast cancer: Sibiyle Loibl, Germany

Translating new therapeutic opportunities
Targeting CDK7 in ER+ breast cancer: Simak Ali, UK
Androgen receptor agonists for AR+ disease: Carlo Palmieri, UK
Rationale and progress in targeting FOXA1: Jason Carroll, UK

Other sessions include:
Young clinical leaders
Trials in Progress
The new MDMT
Selected free communications: one session and others within symposia