Professor of Bone Oncology, The University of Sheffield
Ingunn Holen Professor Holen has over 15 years’ experience with advanced breast cancer models, in particular in the context of metastatic bone disease. Research in her team is focused on elucidating the mechanisms underlying tumour cell spread to the skeleton and the development of new therapeutic approaches to advanced breast and prostate cancer, in particular how combining new and existing drugs can reduce tumour growth in bone. Working in collaboration her team has studied the effects of combining chemotherapy agents (targeting the tumour cells) with bisphosphonates (targeting the bone microenvironment). Her team has established a range of in vitro and complex in vivo models studying tumour growth in bone, and work closely with clinical colleagues on translational research projects. Work from her team has been published in top international journals and she is frequently invited to give talks at breast cancer conferences. Professor Holen is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and a member of the Science Strategy Committee of Breast Cancer Now, a member of the NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship panel and serves on a number of editorial boards of international scientific journals and scientific conference organising committees.