Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology, King’s College London
Lyndsay Hughes Dr Lyndsay Hughes is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine at King’s College London. Lyndsay’s research aims to understand how people adjust to living with a long-term condition, with a particular focus on identifying factors related to treatment non-adherence. Lyndsay’s research team has completed a body of qualitative and longitudinal observational research with women with breast cancer covering treatment adherence, psychological distress and behaviour change. She is currently developing and testing theory and evidence-based digital interventions to support women who are prescribed adjuvant hormonal therapy following oestrogen-receptor positive breast cancer. Using large cohorts of community participants, Dr Hughes’ research group has also investigated important complimentary socio-demographic factors such as the impact of digital literacy, ethnicity and socio-economic status on health behaviour, decision making and engagement with psychological and behavioural interventions to ensure equitable access and reduce health inequalities.