Patient Advocate
Mairead Mackenzie Mairead was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. She had chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, radiotherapy and endocrine therapy. Since her treatment Mairead has developed mild lymphoedema which is now under control and capsular contraction in her reconstruction which has resulted in the need for further surgery. This has prompted Mairead to feel strongly about the issues and potential problems patients face with the long-term effects of cancer treatment. Mairead currently sits on a number of trial management groups. She is a member of the Breast Cancer Campaign Now Tissue Bank Access Committee, steering group for the UK Therapeutic Cancer Prevention Network, sits on the Early Disease Subgroup of the Breast Clinical Studies Group, ICR CTSU PPI Group and the ICR BRC Breast Group. Mairead has been a member and trustee of ICPV. ICPV is a patient advocate group led by patients for patients which brings the views and experience of cancer patients, their family and carers, to the cancer research community