Lead, Centre of Experimental Cancer Medicine, Bart’s Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London
Peter Schmid Professor Peter Schmid was appointed as Chair in Cancer Medicine at Barts Cancer Institute in 2013. He is Lead of the Centre of Experimental Cancer Medicine at Barts and of the joint Barts/Brighton Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre. He also leads the academic breast and lung cancer programmes at Barts. Prof. Schmid joined Barts from the University of Sussex, where he was appointed as Foundation Chair in Cancer Medicine in 2010. Prof. Schmid studied medicine in Munich and Aberdeen. He was awarded scholarships by the 'Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes', the 'Hanns-Seidel-Foundation', and the 'Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst'. Prof. Schmid completed a MD on mitochondrial creatine kinase at the Technical University Munich. He trained at the University Hospital Charité in Berlin in internal medicine, haematology and oncology, where he became head of breast cancer research and the phase I programme. He completed his PhD at the Charité in 2005. From 2005-2010, Prof. Schmid was a Senior Clinical Lecturer & Director of the Hammersmith Early Clinical Trials Unit at Imperial College London. Prof. Schmid’s specialist cancer interests are breast and lung cancer and early drug development. His research interests lie in stratified cancer medicine utilising novel biomarkers and innovative, biomarker-driven clinical trial strategies to develop new treatments. His group focuses on new therapeutic targets exploiting synthetic sensitivity interactions based on specific epigenetic backgrounds. Prof Schmid has successfully led ≥20 academic clinical phase 1-3 studies and several translational research programmes. He leads an international group to establish circulating tumour DNA (cfDNA) as a biomarker.. Prof. Schmid is a member of several international cancer organizations and research groups and has been involved in consensus meetings on the management of breast cancer. Prof. Schmid is a member of the UK NCRN breast cancer group. He has authored or –co-authored 145 publications.